C. DAVID LUNDBERG is a lifelong researcher of spirituality and the world’s religions. Raised in a family business of spiritual publishing, David realized 40 years ago that the spiritual answers he sought were beyond traditional Christianity. His search has included research into Christian texts that were excluded from the Bible, and encompassed sacred texts across the religious spectrum, active membership in spiritual/religious organizations, prayer, meditation, and spiritual experiences that have impacted his life. He is passionate about bringing people together by sharing the truths at the heart of all spiritual traditions, in line with his undeniable prompting to establish God’s Universal Truths. He is a minister with the Spiritual Awareness Fellowship and Pathways of Light.

I had to write this book. I do not believe that the world can have true peace until the common universal principles have been firmly established. Today, I consider myself a Christian–yet also to a large extent a Hindu and Buddhist –really a friend and fellow member of all true religions. Like a growing number of people, I see myself as a trans-religious seeker, an aspect of spirit who seeks and loves spiritual truth wherever it is found.

An avid reader and researcher, David also enjoys playing piano, kayaking, and travel. He lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife, Gretchen.