fleurWith all the turmoil we see in the world today. I want to share an excerpt from Appendix A in the book Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions.

This is a concise outline of God’s Code of Love and Life… It is based on 33 principles common to the sacred texts of the world religions.

The first 5 Universal Principles of Understanding

The meaning and purpose of life is:

  1.  Life, with God, is good, and filled with Love. Life is meant to be good, despite all appearances of negativity and suffering.
  2.  Love creates joyous living. Life with God, goodness, and love is joyous. We are to love and be loved. Love the God (Divine Self) within others. Joy is the result.
  3. We are responsible for what we do and don’t do. We have responsibilities to fulfill as our part of this joyous life process. A record is kept of our every thought, word and deed… Our responsibilities are part of our divine nature. A sense of duty to perform them resides within our hearts, as they are a natural part of our Higher, Divine Selves.
  4.  We are Divine Children of God — Sons and Daughters of God. We issued forth from God in perfection and purity.
  5. Our destiny is God. We have unlimited divine potential. We can become more and more of the divine, positive, glorious aspects of God.